‘Courtney Stodden: The Porno’ Is Probably On Its Way


Courtney Stodden was born to be a porn star. There is no question that she would be a huge star as she exudes sexuality…I would love to sign her to a contract and now that she’s going to be single, maybe she’d be interested. If not, she would be a great host for us on VividTV (our cable network) until she felt fully comfortable…She has the body and the looks to be a star, but her sex would have to be super-hot to complete the package….A successful porn star can make several hundred thousand dollars a year. Courtney would surely make more.”

That was what Steve Hirsch, CEO of Vivid Entertainment, said when speaking to E! about whether famewhore Courtney Stodden should do porn. Obviously Steve met the question with an enthusiastic yes, because nobody wants to see Courtney Stodden do anything except have sex. Literally. That’s it.

Hirsch, responsible for such hits as the Farrah Abraham porno, the Kim Kardashian sex tape and a new remake of Marilyn Chambers’ “Behind the Green Door” (which I totally just made a mental note to check out) is actually a funny guy. He also always seems genuinely concerned that everybody he gets involved with is “comfortable.”

Having said that, Courtney Stodden is a woman who said she’d never do porn. But she also said she’d never get breast implants, and since her breakup with Doug Hutchison, she’s lost her novelty factor. Courtney’s running out of options, and she’s probably not looking to get a doctorate in anthropology at this point. Plus, she’d get more money (and press) off of porn than she would making her “music” for the next 50 years.

It’s safe to assume that we’ll see this “Courtney Stodden: All Undressed and Nothing to Think” video popping up within the next year. So prepare yourself, America. You’re about to reach your full potential.