There’s a Porn Parody of ‘Girls’ Because of Course There Is

Hustler heard the public’s demand and did a hardcore porn parody of HBO’s “Girls,” the show that chronicles a bunch of narcissistic twenty-somethings meandering around New York and having sex. It was really the next logical move.

In the trailer, Porn Hannah navigates her relationships, experiments with lesbianism and gets into S&M. She’s accompanied by Jessa, Marnie, Shohanna and Adam, and they’re all trying to figure out the meaning of life sex stuff.

The casting here is actually pretty good. Porno Hannah doesn’t look much like Lena Dunham, but Porno Marnie totally does the upset/confused face that real Marnie does all the time. Also, Jessa looks like a Real Housewife and the guy playing Adam seems like his apartment floor would be littered with pizza boxes and empty syringes.

Lena Dunham came out against this venture on Twitter earlier this year, prompting the cast to strike back, with the director releasing this statement:

“The men and women who work in adult entertainment have been vilified and victimized so much, especially by right wing conservatives, that most of us find ourselves on the political left, with pro-feminist leanings. To say that all pornography is anti-feminist is a tired cliché which undermines the right of free sexual choices that a liberated women can make for herself.”

Meanwhile, porno Hannah (Alex Chance) agrees, saying: “I hope that when women watch porn and watch me they think, Oh, she’s not necessarily this stick-thin girl and she can still do this awesome act or whatever. Because not every girl is skinny and I think that’s what Lena Dunham is trying to promote.”

But politics and social zeitgeists aside, if you’ve ever wanted to see an episode of “Girls” that was poorly written but featured super hardcore sex, this is probably for you.