Miley Cyrus Covers Lana Del Rey, Loses More Points

Miley Cyrus is still at it, this time tackling Lana Del Rey for the BBC and finding herself totally out of her league.

Lana and Miles have some things in common. They’re young, famous cigarette smokers. But while Miley has mastered the weird, niche southern-white hip hop market, Lana has specialized in a wispy, lounge singer throwback sound that can instantly transport you into the past.

Lana Del Rey is the type of person that you could see performing in a 1930s club and going home with Indiana Jones. Miley Cyrus is the type of person that you could see throwing a hissy fit in a Taco Bell drive through.

Miley can sing when she wants to and if the song is right. But here, her voice doesn’t lend itself. It’s too deep and grating juxtaposed with Lana’s – even if she recovers a bit towards the end. It’s just weird.

Still, this is a good direction for Miley to go, and it’s not half as blasphemous as Taylor Swift trying out Tori Amos. Some things are inexcusable.