Josh Brolin Is Grading Cab Drivers Now

Here’s Josh Brolin over the weekend after rear-ending a cab, following the cab driver around and endlessly berating him while refusing to pay for the damages with his millions of dollars. Classy.

TMZ reports that both the cab and Brolin were in a Del Taco drive through in Los Angeles when Josh pulled forward too much, resulting in some scratches to the cab.

The cabbie tried to swap insurance info, but instead Josh decided to yell “You fucking asshole!” before stepping towards the cabbie (who backed down pretty quick, because even the passengers remarked about how ripped Brolin is) and saying “You suck as a cab driver” over and over.

Josh sped off after the cabbie pulled forward, and as of yet there’s nothing to indicate a police report has been filed, which is kind of an unsatisfying ending. He didn’t even get to scream “I’m a man in black, bitch!” or “No country for shitty, old cab drivers!

Also, this whole thing would have been better had he actually been been holding a burrito during the confrontation, gesturing furiously and throwing guacamole all over the place.

But it’s pretty entertaining regardless. Watch out, cab drivers! The Gangster Squad’s #1 guy says you’re on notice.