Tara Reid Doesn’t Like Being Called a Hot Mess


Tara Reid has been an easy target for a long while now. There was a time when she was teetering on the brink of rehab, but lately, she’s been laying fairly low and not making any waves. Even still, that hasn’t stopped people from calling her a train wreck — even former co-stars like Jason Biggs.

Tara touched down in Los Angeles yesterday and called out Biggs via Twitter, saying:

She must have been referring to his appearance on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live!” this month, during which he was asked to play a game wherein he gave his past co-stars prison nicknames. Tara’s was “Hot Mess.” ¬†And even though he was kind of joking, he kind of wasn’t.

And if you didn’t already feel sorry enough for her, she posted a bunch of photos on Twitter of her hanging out with Andrew Dice Clay and Tom Green. We wouldn’t wish that on our worst enemies.

Biggs has yet to acknowledge Tara and probably won’t. (Don’t expect a role in “Sharknado 2,” Jason.)