Jaden Smith Don’t Need No Book Learnin’


Aside from starring in this year’s widely-panned “After Earth” and the abysmal “Karate Kid” remake you’d already forgotten about (you’re welcome), we’re not really sure what Jaden Smith really does besides hang out with Justin Bieber, pretend to date Kylie Jenner and run around telling people “Will Smith‘s my dad!”

But it turns out he’s actually a philosopher who enjoys dropping knowledge on his millions of Twitter followers — because last week, he took to social media to deliver a message to the countless (already dumb) children who follow him:

Jaden has attended school, though. And not just any school — he went to the now-defunct New Village Leadership Academy in Calabasas, which was founded in part by his parents and whose curriculum was largely influenced by Scientology.

What else did they teach? Probably not spelling.

Jaden Smith doesn’t need your filthy public school system filling his head with conspiracy theories like “chemistry” or “mathematics” (Integers and Illuminati both start with an “I”). Either way, it’s easier to drop out of school when your parents are successful actors. And he’s still young.

How old is Jaden, anyway? Better yet, how old is his little sister Willow?

Oh, thanks, Jaden…….we think? Good thing she’s not some dumb infant.

Er, brilliant infant?

Anyway. It’s good to know that Jaden is spending his time on what’s important instead of wasting time with losers. He’s like a tiny, untalented Aristotle.

Hit us with another nugget of truth, Jaden.

There’s no arguing with that.