Gabourey Sidibe Invites Her Haters to Kiss Her Big, Successful Ass


“Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe (seen lately scaring the hell out of everyone as part of this season’s cast of “American Horror Story: Coven”) looked lovely at Sunday night’s Golden Globes, but that didn’t stop a bunch of trolls on Twitter from making a slew of lazy fat jokes since she has the nerve — the nerve! — to be talented, famous and overweight at the same time.

“Who thought this was okay?” asked one such asshole, helpfully including the hashtags “#ImSurprisedSheCouldFitInTheFrame” and “#IThinkSheAteTheGoldenGlobes” because he’s super creative (he’s not creative).

It’s cool, though. SHE GOT DIS.

On Monday morning, she shot back:

Which was among the most ladylike of ways of saying “suck it, bitches.”

Team Gabby. All the way.