Liam Hemsworth Seems to Be Dealing With the Miley Breakup Pretty Well

A day or two before his split from Miley Cyrus was announced, Liam Hemsworth talked to pretty Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez at a party. The way the tabloids wrote about this, you’d have thought Liam and Eiza copulated right there on the bar, got pregnant with triplets, gave birth to the babies, named them all after Taco Bell menu items and got them their own reality show. All before last call.

But while the tabs do exaggerate and fabricate shit on the regular, every now and then they get one right. Witness the photo of the two kissing that E! Online published this morning.

It was taken yesterday when Liam supposedly stopped by Eiza’s Los Angeles apartment to “give her a piece of luggage.” (Is that what the kids are calling it these days?)

Liam was only there for about five minutes but they both looked very happy together, chatting closely before the kissing started. Eiza then smiled and waved goodbye as Liam drove off. So, these two are getting along…

If you don’t know anything about Eiza, here’s the 411 (she’s also active on Instagram). She’s a well-known face in her native Mexico, and her life also has a lot of beyond-coincidental parallels to Miley’s — celebrity parent, fame at 16, starring on a kids’ network as a girl with a secret alter-ego, etc. So the fact that she’s now hooking up with Miley’s ex isn’t creepy or weird or stalkerish at all.

Way to make a clean break, Liam.