Carrie Underwood’s Maria Von Trapp Will Haunt Your Dreams


When NBC decided to do a live remake of “The Sound of Music” later this year, Carrie Underwood was a logical choice for Maria Von Trapp. What wasn’t logical, however, was releasing a promo shot that makes Carrie look like she’s wearing some type of Victorian era death mask.

There are no hills behind her. Only sky, as if she’s levitating above the Austrian countryside, terrorizing small children with her favorite things. And her eyes look like they’ve rolled inside their sockets. If this poster could speak, it would say, “There is no Carrie. WE ARE LEGION.”

Hey, remember that scene in the original movie where Julie Andrews was dressed as a German barmaid? Then she smiled, blinding the Nazis with brilliant beams of light that shot from her porcelain teeth like her mouth was the Ark of the Covenant? No?

Maybe a tagline change is in order: “Edelweiss cannot protect you.”