Cara Delevingne Was Super High When She Got Her New Tattoo


A pair of eyebrows walked into a Manhattan tattoo shop on Wednesday night and asked the proprietor if he would be so kind as to ink the woman with them. He agreed, and a while later, model Cara Delevingne emerged with her fifth tat: her mother Pandora’s name on the inside of her left arm.

Delevingne was with close pal Rita Ora, who got far more interesting ink, and God knows there are “Pandora’s box” jokes to be made. But nevermind that — because the real story here is that according to E! Online, Cara was baked out of her effing mind.

I mean, they don’t come right out and SAY that, but celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang reports that while Cara and Rita were at his place, they ordered Mexican food and took a “break for a dance party at 2 a.m. — at which [point] Delevigne threw on a hamburger suit.”

“She just pulled it out of her purse, put it on, and was like, ‘just me and my hamburger, what, what!,” he recalled. “She’s hilarious. She’s genuinely fun, one of my favorite people.”

“Cara actually texted me the next day and wanted to come in for another [tattoo],” Bang Bang added. “She really wanted me to tattoo her favorite piece of food, but I told her to wait a bit, just to see if she still wants it.”

What Bang Bang is saying here is Cara wanted a tat of a Twinkie or maybe a bag of Cheetos and he was all, “Bitch, please. Call me when you’re sober.”