Jenny McCarthy’s Not Doing So Hot On ‘The View’

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Earlier this year Elizabeth Hasselbeck (a shrill conservative) left “The View” and was promptly replaced by Jenny McCarthy (a shrill pharmaceutical conspiracy theorist). That hasn’t gone very well.

RadarOnline spoke with one of their shadowy figure sources in the know, who told them Jenny hasn’t been testing well with audiences:

“ABC has begun doing deep research on Jenny’s work on the show and the initial findings are that viewers want to tune out the second she opens her mouth! The data has revealed that she is FAR more off-putting than Elisabeth.”

They also report that even though show honcho Barbara Walters isn’t looking to replace Jenny just yet, “she is obsessed with ratings and the longevity of the show, so Jenny needs to turn it around or she will be gone.”

In the world of “The View,” Barbara Walters is god. But who would have thought that people don’t want to hear a former Playboy Playmate spout pseudo-science and twerking at them?

Then again, the “View” audience has no problem with Sherri Shepherd disbelieving in evolution and not knowing the earth is a sphere. So when they turn on Jenny, you know things are rough.

But, hey. Maybe MTV will bring her back to host “Singled Out” with cast members of “Jersey Shore” and “Buckwild” and drive that final nail into our cultural coffin.

Katy Perry Says Judy Garland Was Late to an Interview, So Barbara Walters Had Her Killed

Always wear a watch with Barbara. Always.
Always wear a watch with Barbara. It’s for your own protection.

Okay, maybe that’s not entirely accurate. But look, when Katy Perry told Billboard about her own 2011 sit-down with Barbara Walters, here’s how she recalled it:

“I shouldn’t have done the interview: I was playing Madison Square Garden that same night, and I knew that the end of my marriage [to Russell Brand] was coming. I was just exhausted and stressed.

“I’d prepped everyone that I was running late, but Barbara showed up at the original time anyway. When I got there, I apologized immediately, but then she said to me, ‘You know, I’ve only ever waited for one other person this long, and you know who that person was? Judy Garland. You know how she turned out, right?’

“I was like, ‘Oh, snap! Yes, bitch!'”

Jesus. Barbara Walters takes punctuality very seriously, you guys. (And we thought Oprah was the baddest bitch with a mic.)

For her part, Babs said on Monday’s ep of “The View” that she’s sorry if she was too harsh: “Katy, if I made you feel at all unhappy, during a time when you were obviously unhappy, and I didn’t know, I’m sorry … But you can’t always know!”

Regardless, Katy actually wears Walters’ threat like a badge of honor:

“I think it’s the coolest thing that Barbara Walters shaded me. I just couldn’t tell her as we were sitting down for a mega-interview, ‘Hey, my marriage is falling apart. Give me a break.'”