Sylvester Stallone Was Kind of a Dick at NY Comic Con

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Warner Bros.

Doing comic conventions is probably not very fun for a celebrity. They travel long miles, get jet lagged, and then sit behind a table for hours on end while people with elf ears ask them to repeat lines over and over again. To weed down those lines a little and make the appearance more worthwhile, they usually charge a nominal fee for an autograph or picture. Unless you’re Sylvester Stallone. Then you charge a shit ton.

Stallone showed up to the New York Comic Con, where Gawker reports he had the (shriveled) balls to charge $395 for an autograph and $445 for a photo.

To put things into perspective, Sigourney Weaver was commanding $185 for an autograph and $200 for a photo. Pretty steep, but she’s Ellen Goddamn Ripley. And the only people I would have cared about, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, were $95 and $70 respectively. (Gillian charged only $10 more for a photo than an autograph. Why are you so perfect, Scully?)

The sad thing is that every report I’ve read in the past says that Sly has always been genial with fans in other situations. TMZ scored some of the shots of people who did pay, and – aside from being more orange than John Boehner –  he seems pretty friendly there, too. Maybe because he was getting $4,005 for those nine photos.

Stop beating up people’s wallets, Sly.