Sydney Leathers’ Porno Co-Star May Have Exposed Her to HIV

Vivid Entertainment
Vivid Entertainment

This week the San Fernando Valley went into panic mode after porn performer Cameron Bay tested positive for HIV, resulting in a huge industry-wide shitstorm. You may never have heard of this chick, but here’s why we’re talking about her: It turns out that the last scene she shot was with Xander Corvus, the guy who provided Anthony Weiner‘s weiner for Sydney Leather’s hardcore debut, Vivid’s “Weiner and Me.” (And the award for most uses of “weiner” in one sentence goes to …)

Bay was tested on Tuesday, Aug. 20, and received the results the next day. She’d been shooting an ongoing series for called “Public Disgrace,” where women are hog-tied, slapped around and agree to be humiliated (kind of like a BDSM version of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”). And Corvus, a freelancer, was her partner in that scene before he signed on for the Vivid film.

Mark Schechter, owner of Adult Talent Managers LA, of which Bay is a member, told AVN, “At this point in time, it’s unknown and unconfirmed that she’s even positive, so to say that it happened on set or off set is not an appropriate question.” Meanwhile, the industry’s biggest lobbying group, the Free Speech Coalition, maintains the virus was not contracted on-set.

Leathers issued a statement to Gawker, saying both she and Corvus tested negative before shooting their (unprotected) scene. But the CDC states that if a rapid test is performed “during the window period (i.e., the period after exposure but before the test can find antibodies), the test may not find antibodies and may give a false-negative result.” That window period is three months.

We spoke to an adult film performer who didn’t wish to be named, but had major doubts about assertions that the HIV wasn’t contracted on-set. According to her, the porn industry is “constantly” attempting to cover up STD and HIV-related issues.

“The rest of the time they stick their heads up their asses and play dumb. Porn actors and actresses’ well being is rarely taken into consideration,” she said. “We’re disposable to them.”

These types of issues were supposed to be quelled by Measure B, a California ballot measure that passed by 56 percent last year and makes condom usage mandatory for porn performers. It’s an initiative our source once opposed, but now reluctantly sees as necessary, saying, “Obviously people are not taking care of themselves in the studio as well as their private lives, not having enough respect for their health or anyone else’s. It’s unacceptable, unprofessional and extremely dangerous.”

She also said that not every company follows the legal testing schedule (monthly tests and then every two weeks), insisting some companies don’t even require a basic STD panel and merely screen for HIV, while others only test monthly — something that, in her words, “allows for a considerable amount of breeding time.”

If Sydney Leathers is scared, she’s certainly not showing it as she keeps busy with her Twitter account and constant links to her XXX video. But our insider maintains Sydney will most likely have this in the back of her mind from now on.

“This is why I don’t shoot for many companies,” she told us. “I care too much about my health and well-being, while they just see dollar signs.”