Sydney Leathers Is Chilling at Anthony Weiner’s Election Night Party

Pretty much the only person who thinks Anthony Weiner will survive tonight’s Democratic primary for NYC mayor is Anthony Weiner. And when he finally does fade into blissful obscurity, sexting partner Sydney Leathers will fade right along with him.

Knowing her star is tied to his, Sydney wasn’t going to waste her last day of relevance sitting in the house watching her porno (only freaks like Farrah Abraham do that shit).

So this morning, she threw on her best sandwich board and took to the streets:

Then, eight hours later, she shimmied into a red mini, wore her shiny new rack (thanks, Vivid!) as a necklace, and showed up at Anthony Weiner’s election night party. Seriously.

When everyone’s Scooby ears went all bajiggity, she calmly explained it was “her duty” to be there, and that she has “a lot of things” she wants to say to Anthony.

In fact, as she told the New York Daily News in an Instagram video now making the rounds, being at the soiree was “the logical thing to do.” Even though Anthony’s wife, Huma Abedin, is also expected to attend along with the couple’s young son. (But it’s okay. The media circus happening right now probably won’t freak him out at all.)

Remember back in July when Sydney apologized to Huma? When she said “I just feel very, very sorry for my part and the pain that she obviously feels”? Good times.

You know, Sydney could be right about her fame outlasting Anthony’s. Because now we know she has the one thing required for the survival of all good famewhores: elephantine metal balls.