Shia LaBeouf Got Kicked in the Balls in London


Shia LaBeouf is in London filming his new WWII flick “Fury,” but still found time to use his phone to tape two drunken sisters vomiting outside a bar. The girls told Shia to stop, and when he refused, some anonymous hero beat him up.

The ladies, Ash and Isis Nawaz, told The Sun (via Yahoo) that once Shia began recording the intervening stranger, dude let loose, punching LaBeouf in the face and following it up with a swift kick to the balls.

Oh, what we’d give to switch places with that man.

Of course, Ash has her regrets:

“I only realized it was Shia after he’d been beaten up. If I’d known, I’d have let him film me as much as he liked. I have a massive crush on him.”

We can only imagine what this stranger in the night was thinking while raining blows upon Shia, but it was probably something along the lines of:

“This is for Indiana Jones 4.”
And this is for every Transformers movie.”

Hats off to you, mysterious Londoner. We only wish someone had pulled a Shia and recorded it.