Sandra Bullock Has Mad Street Cred, Yo

Sandra Bullock was still making the media rounds this weekend to promote “Gravity,” even though it held it’s #1 spot at the box office and really doesn’t need any help. Mostly, people just really enjoy seeing Sandra Bullock doing anything. And when she appeared on “The Jonathan Ross Show,” the conversation turned to rapping – which happens to be one more thing she’s amazing at.

Sandra told the story about how she memorized Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” in high school to impress a boy (it worked), and everyone was curious as to whether she still knew it. She did, and it’s awesome.

Even Tom Hanks – who probably secretly fostered resentment because “Captain Phillips” couldn’t top her movie – couldn’t help but smile and applaud. (We all know how bitter and angry Tom Hanks normally is.)

The only logical conclusion to this is a full on rap battle with Gwynnie P.