Roseanne Barr Seems To Be Doing Well, Too


Meltdowns are all the rage in Hollywood right now, and there was no way in hell Roseanne Barr was going to miss that train. So when “Two and  a Half Men” aired a joke similar to hers, she leapt at the opportunity, chewing out both Ashton Kutcher and showrunner Chuck Lorre via Twitter.

The bit went on the show went like this:

“…what it’s like to be 91.”

“I imagine that you’re wet in the places you used to be dry and dry in the places you used to be wet.”

This isn’t exactly high comedy, and it’s perfectly reasonable to think that two different people could come up with the joke years apart. But Roseanne doesn’t think so, and she went off on her Twitter, where she usually pens strange rants on theology and foreign policy suggestions:

And because attacking poor Ashton “Kuchner” wasn’t enough, she then demanded to know the whereabouts and condition of Amanda Bynes, who’s receiving treatment for mental illness at a private rehab center — because that’s her business now.

At the time of this writing she was still firing off tweets about how television writers’ rooms are filled with misogynistic drunks, so if that’s your thing, have at it. And if anyone knows how Amanda Bynes is doing, let her know.