Grabby Robin Thicke Is Grabby

After the VMAs, everyone was so busy clutching their self-righteous pearls about what a whore Miley Cyrus is (and she totally isn’t because no one would pay for sex with such a lousy dancer) that her partner-in-ewww, Robin Thicke, largely got a pass. Oh sure, a few people were all DUDE YOU’RE A PERV but that’s nothing he doesn’t hear on the regular. So this week was business as usual for him.

Until this photo of Thicke and some New York socialite together at a VMAs after-party made its way around the interwebs, that is.

Robin Thicke lets his fingers do the walking

From the front, yeah, they look a little too cozy for him to be a married dude and all, but that’s not why this picture is being passed around like a cold sore at Burning Man. What’s noteworthy is what we can see in the reflection of the mirror behind them — i.e., his hand so far up the back of her skirt it’s kind of a wonder he didn’t leave his pinky ring behind during the extraction.

Forgetting for a moment that this is expected behavior from guys who wear pinky rings (if you’re one of them, resolve not to be), someone found it startling enough that she tweeted the photo above and aimed it at Robin’s wife of eight years, Paula Patton.

But let’s remember their marriage has always seemed, shall we say, “special.” When it comes to their sex life, they’re known oversharers, and there are rumors they swing (or at least that she’s tolerant of his wandering ways).

Which might explain why the NY Post reports that when it comes to the grabby picture, neither half of the couple “is concerned about it at all.”