Someone Let Rihanna Into a Mosque

Even if you’re the most ardent Rihanna fan, it’s safe to say she’s not a bastion of dignity or class. So when she visited the United Arab Emirates recently, they decided to let her into Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque — because what could go wrong?

Long story short, RiRi took a bunch of photos in Rhianna poses and promptly got kicked out because the mosque felt her fashion shoot tainted the “status and sanctity of the mosque.” You don’t say.

What’s the point of adhering to the rules pertaining to covering your head and wearing a head-to-toe ninja jumpsuit (how much do you want to bet there’s some pasties under there?) if you’re going to take sexy photos?  And even though there’s been no reports of it, let’s go ahead and start the rumor she stuffed her pockets with bacon, too.

If Rihanna’s going to make religious landmarks her thing, the next logical conclusion is walking around the Crystal Cathedral in a thong once she gets back to the United States. That’s something everyone would enjoy.