Patti Stanger Wants Bruce Jenner On ‘Millionaire Matchmaker.’ Didn’t See That Coming.


Not a few days after Bruce and Kris Jenner announced their separation, Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger has already set her sights on getting one of them for an E!/Bravo masturbatory crossover by calling up Bruce’s people and trying to get him on her show.

E! caught up with Patti at a Life & Style party in Hollywood, where she said:

“I think the way they’re handling it is wonderful. I mean a lot of people should take a page from Kris and Bruce’s book. I’m sure this is coming from a long time ago, it wasn’t a shock to them. It wasn’t like yesterday to them. They planned it, they did a really good job.”

So Bruce and Kris get an A+ for their mad separating skills. Even though all they really did was move into different houses months ago and meet up to pretend they were in a loving relationship for the sake of television cameras. Anyone could do that.

But Patti continued, saying she had already put out a call to Bruce’s people to get him on “The Millionaire Matchmaker” – an offer you know he’s going to take. Because attention. She then espoused her views on the perfect man for Kris (besides masochistic):

“Kris is all woman. She needs to go for a younger guy. I have to think on Kris. I’d like a guy like 10-12 years younger than her, who really likes the fast lane, who wants to build the empire, who wants to be in the front lines. The guy that really makes her feel confident and he wants wealth, he wants power. A go-getter. Maybe a Silicon Valley guy.”

That’s a lot of qualifications there. Maybe you should first concentrate on finding a guy who can live with the fact that his penis will be going into territory formerly occupied by Bruce Jenner’s melted candlestick.

But if anyone can find a match for these two, it’s Patti. Or Satan. Satan could probably do it.