And Now We Know What It Takes to Make Us Feel Bad for Paris Hilton

It’s Fashion Week in New York this week, and the elite are all attending shows where people wear clothing made of recycled DVD cases and Lady Gaga furiously scribbles crib notes in the corner. It’s all pretty basic stuff.

Until Paris Hilton exited one of the shows and ran into a complete lunatic who proceeded to go apeshit on her completely unprovoked.

Amidst a flurry of activity, the man screams, “You are the epitome of bourgeois decadence! Get outta here!” before following up with “Get your goddamn dinosaur face outta here!” Meanwhile, Paris is just looking for a way out of the (now growing) crowd and back to her car.

As she gets away, the man starts up a chant of “Bourgeois pig!” that several people recite until she’s gone. Jesus, dude.

Look, making fun of Paris Hilton when she does something stupid is fine. But, really, she’s not relevant enough in 2013 to even bother with. And, in this case, she was literally just walking and minding her own business. Plus we doubt she’s read enough (or any) Marx to understand the insults you’re slinging from down below in your proletariat slums.

How big of a douche do you have to be to just start accosting a woman for no reason? Or to have the gall to call Paris Hilton bourgeois over anyone else attending NYC fashion week? (Check your privilege.) 

Furthermore, how big of a douche do you have to be to make us feel bad for Paris Hilton? Monumentally huge. (We didn’t even think that was possible.)

Congratulations, man. Now go away forever.