Here’s the Video for That Song Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne Did Together

A while back, Lil Wayne polished off his daily 2-liter bottle of sizzurp and said to himself, “Self, you should sign Paris Hilton to a record deal.” So he did. And together, they shat out a poetic single called “Good Time.” Which begat the video above.

In it, a bikini-clad Paris and her wonky eye (seriously, what’s up with that thing) throw what appears to be a molly-fueled pool party complete with glowsticks, a 10-foot-tall robot named Kryoman, and appearances from Birdman and Weezy himself.

“The video is so sexy and so much fun, I really wanted it to be colorful and full of life,” she told MTV News. “I loved all the wardrobe, there were so many gorgeous outfits … It’s just a fun party with beautiful people and having the time of our lives.”

“Good Time” is just the first single off a full album Paris expects to release in 2014. So you have that to look forward to.