Paris Hilton Almost Clinched a Perfect Radio Interview. Almost.

Paris Hilton has been doing press for her upcoming pre-mid-life crisis album, so here she is appearing on the Raleigh-Durham area morning show “Bob and the Showgram.” (Bob is Bob. We guess that woman is the showgram?)

And things go fairly well until Paris’ infamous sex tape is brought up.

“You know a lot of people – Kim Kardashian, a couple other folks, too – started with the sex video. You did, too. Do you ever wish you didn’t do that back in the day?” Bob asked.

Paris, taken aback, responds: “Well that was not anything to do with me. I just dated a person who was a very sick man. So…”

From there things get tense, but Paris keeps her cool and answers questions until the end of the segment, when she thought she’d hung up the phone — but hadn’t. Which meant she accidentally told the world:

“That was fucking awful. I’m never doing that show again.”

Her publicist – who was apparently monitoring –┬ásays, “I’ve already put in a call to them. I can’t believe they brought that crap up.”

If you’re a radio host, you should probably do some cursory research on your subject to know what you’re asking about. Like how, unlike Farrah Abraham, Paris did not orchestrate the release of her sex tape. She also won a substantial damages from Rick Salomon (AKA the “sick man”) in court.

Not to mention that this was nine years ago. If you want to make fun of Paris for something relevant, how about “The Hottie and the Nottie“?

We also have to give Paris for some credit for maintaining her composure, not faltering and even wishing the host a good day before the interview ended. Seems when she’s playing Paris, she’s not a half-bad actress.

Anyway. Bob better watch his back. Paris can get Lil Wayne to lace his sizzurp.