Pamela Anderson May Deliver Rosemary’s Baby


It’s Halloween: the one night a year when spirits are free to roam the earth and everyone has carte blanche to be someone else. And in lieu of going the spooky route this year, Pamela Anderson opted to get a super short pixie cut.

The bombshell posted this photo to her Twitter with the caption “Just Do It.” And while this sort of ‘do is pretty hard to rock, Pam kinda nails it.

Combine that with a stylish but rather conservative (by Pam standards) dress, and she’s actually looking classy as ever. (Weird, huh?)

If she doesn’t go as Mia Farrow‘s Rosemary Woodhouse for Halloween this year, it will be the greatest missed opportunity of all time. Especially if she happens to be in Woody Allen‘s neighborhood.