Pam Anderson Is Still Banging Rick Salomon

Pamela Anderson seems like a nice lady who just makes terrible life decisions – particularly when it comes to romance. And her career. But she’s nice enough.

So when she was on “Ellen” yesterday she admitted to the world that she’s still shacking up with ex-husband Rick Salomon (of slimy, “selling-Paris-Hilton’s-sex-tape-without-telling-Paris” fame).

“I’d say we’re best friends… with benefits,” Pam told Ellen DeGeneres, changing her figurative Facebook relationship status to “It’s Complicated.”

Pam and Rick married in 2007 and promptly annulled it a few months later because it was a terrible idea. Now they’ve drifted back to teach other because both of their names are sort of marred and icky, and Pam’s happy that way, telling Ellen:

“I don’t think I want to meet anybody else… We’re happy.”


Start the office betting pool for how long it will last this time. We’ll take Rick running into Lindsay Lohan in a seedy Los Angeles nightclub for $500, Alex.