Pamela Anderson Married the Guy From the Paris Hilton Sex Tape. Again.

The Twitterverse

Once upon a time, Pamela Anderson married Rick Salomon, that dude from the Paris Hilton sex tape. Months later that marriage was annulled, with both of them citing fraud. But since true love never dies, Pam said she still slept with Rick — because really, who could resist?

Now they’ve officially remarried, setting the initial stages of the apocalypse into motion.

Pam showed up to one of Sean Penn‘s galas for Haiti — remember Haiti? — over the weekend rocking a huge-ass diamond alongside her new pixie cut, much to the chagrin and yawns of everyone.

Anderson told E! that she and her former/current hubby (and former/future ex-hubby) are pleased, adding, “Our families are very happy and that’s all that matters.”

Well, we can’t say we have high hopes for this (start your betting pools), but if Pam’s happy, we’re happy for her.

Regardless, you may now begin building your arks.