The National Enquirer Has Pictures of Zac Efron High on Hillbilly Heroin


More details have been emerging about Zac Efron‘s drug habits, and the National Enquirer has now purchased photos allegedly showing Zac passed out after overdosing on oxy. Because they’re super classy like that.

The incident happened in January of this year, when he opened up his Manhattan hotel room for a massive party. Before going to the room, sources say Zac asked guests to purchase 40 oxycodone pills off the street for $1200 — instead of spending it on, say, a metric ton of fun board games. (Scattergories, anyone?) Adderall and weed were also supposedly consumed.

Reports suggested Efron snorted multiple pills combined with booze before having sex with an anonymous brunette. Then he collapsed and had to be resuscitated by a guest.

The source — who apparently doesn’t know Zac’s been in rehab since then — said the actor needs to clean up his act. (Sadly, though, said source missed an opportunity to tell him to get his head in the game.)