Call the UN: Miley Cyrus Unfollowed Liam Hemsworth on Twitter


Us Weekly says Liam Hemsworth has once again fallen prey to icy “Mad Men” actress January Jones — with whom he supposedly hooked up earlier this year — causing Miley Cyrus and her wayward tongue to petulantly unfollow him on Twitter.


The Aussie “Hunger Games” star was already way above Miley’s pay grade (something that became really apparent after she channeled an epileptic demon at the VMAs), and he’s supposedly “mortified” by her desperate grabs for attention.

Sources also told Radar Online the couple is “on a break,” saying Miley’s “racy new look and sort of ghetto attitude isn’t exactly what [Liam] signed up for,” and adding that while he’s a “serious actor with a growing career,” she’s “just turned into a joke.”

Meanwhile, Liam’s mouthpieces earned their keep by telling E! Online, “The story of Liam Hemsworth and January Jones is entirely fabricated by Us Weekly. There is no truth whatsoever to this tabloid fiction.”

“We know this,” they didn’t add, “because if he’d mated with January, she’d already have eaten him.”