Miley Cyrus Is Using Little People as Props Now

One of the loudest complaints after Miley Cyrus‘ VMA debacle was that she’d essentially used black women as props during the performance. But don’t worry, African-American ladies of the world — it isn’t just you. Miley uses little people as set dressing, too!

During an appearance on the German TV show “Schlagg Den Raab,” Cyrus did a mellow version of “We Can’t Stop” (which, I’m sorry, is still an awful song that Rihanna has to be happy she didn’t get stuck with) and her entire band was comprised of little people. There was even a tiny little blonde twerker in shiny silver leggings with junk in the trunk that Miley gleefully slapped.

In fairness, the band was pretty good and that dancer could move far better than Miley herself. But … seriously? We’ve had teddy bears, black chicks, big booty hos, and now little people. What’s next on the list of novelties? Death row inmates? Orphans in wheelchairs? Lindsay Lohan?