Michael Bay was Clobbered in Hong Kong

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Michael Bay is in Hong Kong today filming the latest installment of his most famous film series, “Explosions. Computer Animation. BANG. BANG. Woman in spandex,” otherwise known as “Transformers 4,” when he was cold cocked by a two brothers trying to rob him.

According to the USA Today, it all started when the brothers approached Bay and demanded he give them $13,000 (an amount big name directors routinely carry around in their pockets). When Bay said no, the elder brother body checked him and then proceeded to attack three police officers who responded.

Both brothers were arrested – the older one for assault and the younger for blackmail – and Bay returned to set with some injuries to his face.

Anyone who has ever seen a Michael Bay film has probably wanted to deck the guy. It was bound to happen eventually. But this is not the way to do it. You need old-timey pants and mustaches and your dukes stretched out a foot in front of your face. That’s how you do it.

Still, we’ll just interpret this to mean that early audience feedback for the flick is not very good.