Marilyn Manson Is Acting Kinda Weird These Days

No, wait. That’s just Lady Gaga. Our mistake.

Here’s G playing the first ever Youtube Music Awards dressed as a transient meth-addled truck driver with a straight brimmed hip hop hat. She arrived at the show in those scary as hell Kirsten Dunst teeth before debuting her new single “Dope.”

Gaga began crying before even beginning the song, whose lyrics seem to detail someone begging their lover to return to them and referencing “Bell Bottom Blues,” which only makes you wish you were listening to Eric Clapton.

Of course the Daily Mail scored shots of Gaga and BF Taylor Kinney getting really cozy before the show, which means they’re still together and also means those tears are about as real as Farrah Abraham‘s sense of empathy.

Lots of people have been commenting about how she sounds like a duckling who just found out its mother had been shot down during hunting season, prompting some of the most glorious YouTube comments we’ve ever read, with defenders saying everything was genuine and she’s just “feeling” the music, you guys.

There’s also one particularly amazing comment which reads:


So one astute internetter believed G looked more like Hellboy than Mr. Manson. To each their own.

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