Lindsay Lohan Had Her Goons Beat Up Paris Hilton’s Kid Brother


Back in 2006 when she was still a thing, Paris Hilton was caught on video practically peeing herself with laughter as her douchebag pal Brandon Davis trashed Lindsay Lohan and her (allegedly) ginger vaj, bestowing a nickname that sticks even today: Firecrotch.

Paris has since been replaced in pop culture by something newer, shinier and Kardashianier, but LiLo has apparently never forgotten — or forgiven — the bitch she once was. And if TMZ is to be believed, Lohan’s now taking it out on Paris’ kid brother, Barron.

Multiple sources connected to the situation tell us … Barron attended a party last night at a Miami mansion where Lindsay has been staying while she’s in town for an art festival — a party that lasted until well after the sun came up.

We’re told … during the party, someone accused Barron of talking smack about Lindsay — and a short time later he was attacked and beaten to a pulp. TMZ obtained a photo of the damage.

We know … 24-year-old Barron spoke with police following the incident. He claims Lohan orchestrated the beating.

Barron told cops Lindsay approached him at the party with a male friend and began screaming, “‘You talk sh*t about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get.”

As the guy proceeded to pummel Barron, Hilton claims Lindsay was laughing and egging him on.

Cops were called to the scene and interviewed Barron. We’re told Barron doesn’t know the identity of his attacker but is adamant Lindsay is the person behind the attack.

Lindsay’s camp denies everything, of course, and says she left the party before the beatdown even happened. Problem is, there’s video of Barron and his friends confronting her right after someone played whack-a-mole on his face.

If you’ve seen the “firecrotch” video, you know how utterly awful Paris was and it’s somewhat comforting to know her fall from grace soon followed. But really, if Lindsay’s gonna make the brother pay for the sins of the sister, she’s doing it all wrong.

It’s like she’s never seen “Game of Thrones” at all.