See, This Is Why Lady Gaga Is Utterly Infuriating

When Lady Gaga first burst into the public consciousness several years ago, I kind of blew her off as a feather-weight studio creation. Then a friend pointed me to an old video of her just playing a piano and singing. It was, in a word, astonishing.

Since then I get kind of pissed when I see Gaga rolling around on stage in puddles of fake blood or wearing live ocelots on her head or whatever her latest thing is, because that’s the kind of shit that makes it damned near impossible to convince non-believers that this woman is a bona fide talent.

From now on, though, I won’t bother trying to make the case. I’ll just let this glorious video of Gaga at this weekend’s iTunes Festival in London do it for me. Even if it does make me want to throw things at her.