Remember Lady Gaga? Here’s Her New Album Cover.

She's baaaaaaack
She’s baaaaaaack

Earlier this year, Lady Gaga had to cancel her “Born This Way Ball” tour so she could have hip surgery — or, if you’re one of her haters, so she could go into rehab without anyone knowing she was there. Regardless of the reason, one of the world’s biggest pop stars and most prolific Twitter users suddenly went silent.

And it was astonishing how fast the general public seemed to forget about her. It was like the nightmares of every famewhore coming true all at once. (Miley Cyrus in particular seemed to take notice, which could explain why her every move lately has been carefully designed to ensure she’s never too far out of our goddamned faces.)

Anyway, Gaga’s been back for a minute but since there isn’t much spare oxygen in the room these days, it’s been hard to tell. Sales for “Applause,” the first single off her upcoming album “ARTPOP,” have been tepid. But earlier today, the cover of “ARTPOP” was unveiled on billboards all over L.A., Chicago, and NYC’s Times Square.

Gaga later tweeted out the cover along with a shoutout to its artist, Jeff Koons. But alas, the whole “naked with a ball between her legs” imagery is only going to draw comparisons to someone inferior who’s done that already.