Kim Kardashian Is Still Trusting the Wrong People With Her Wardrobe

@kimkardashian, Instagram
@kimkardashian, Instagram

Pop quiz: If a designer essentially slipcovered you before one of the biggest fashion events of the year, would you let him dress you again?

If you said “no,” you’re not Kim Kardashian. Because this weekend, Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci — the same guy responsible for that monstrosity she wore to the Met Gala and “art directing” her into ridiculousness for the CR Fashion Book — went to work again to outfit her for Paris Fashion Week.

This time? He put Kimmy’s post-pregnancy form into a skin-tight sheath with a peplum that no one with hips should wear (ever) and a sheer bodice that didn’t allow her to harness her baby-feeders into the supportive bra they desperately need right now. The result: a dumpy, droopy Kim Kardashian.

Note this is not body-shaming. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Kim’s body. This is fashion-shaming. Either Riccardo’s avant-garde sensibilities (complete with strappy snow shoes and smelly car wrecks) aren’t suited for her hourglass shape, or she’s blithely‎ stuffing herself into unflattering clothes just like she did when she was knocked up.

Or maybe we can just blame Kanye West. He’s supposed to be some sort of fashion guru these days, and he’s also Riccardo’s bestie. Somehow, this has got to be his fault.