Kelly Osbourne Celebrated Her Birthday by Insulting Lady Gaga


Yesterday was Kelly Osbourne‘s birthday. This coincided with her former arch rival Lady Gaga appearing on “The X Factor” with her mum, Sharon. Gaga did a super sweet thing and brought Sharon a cake for Kelly. But Kelly was none too pleased.

After Gaga tweeted the above shot, Kelly posted a photo of the cake to her instagram with the delightfully pleasant caption: “#EatMyShit #Hypocrisy.” What’s hypocritical? We’re not sure. But Kelly had already flipped her bitch switch and wasn’t about to stop, tweeting:

Gaga, however, took the high road, holding the olive branch high and calling for little monsters to stop being mean to Kelly:

Finally, in the cold light of morning, Kelly realized she came off looking pretty bad and decided a mea culpa was in order.

Ultimately, this worked out pretty good for both of them. Their feud can finally be buried and Lady G gets more people talking about her new album without having to strip down and put on a fake mustache.

And just like that, Gaga is fabulous again. We couldn’t stay mad at her anyway.