Here’s What Kanye Gave Kim for Christmas

How do I love thee? Let me ruin the ways.
How do I love thee? Let me ruin the ways.

Calling the Hermes Birkin bag a “purse” is like calling a Ferrari a “car.” It’s so well-known that it doesn’t even need a logo — the silhouette alone is recognized by fashionistas the world over — and thanks to a limited supply, a years-long waiting list and a high price tag (up to $150,000, depending on materials), the storied accessory is beloved by celebrities who don’t want to carry anything a peon like you would carry. For chrissakes, Forbes writes entire articles on how to buy one.

I provide this brief history only so you’ll understand the depth of the atrocity Kanye West committed in his Christmas gift to Kim Kardashian.

In its natural state (as God and Anna Wintour intended), the orange Birkin looks like this:


Tres dull. So of course Kanye commissioned someone to turn it into a fourth grade art project:


And not only did Kim proudly post the “one of a kind” mess to Instagram, she carried it. In public. Where people could see her and everything.

So who’s responsible for committing such heinous handbag heresy? That would be “artist” George Condo, who also did the five covers for Kanye’s 2010 album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” — including the one infamously banned by both Walmart and iTunes.

To recap: In the past month alone, artists commissioned by Yeezy have ruined the Kardashian Christmas card and debased a Birkin, and he himself had the nerve to get pissy when someone “disrespected his art.” Because he’s totes an arbiter of such things.


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