Kanye Performed With Jesus, Too



Before Kanye was misspelling pretentious marriage proposals, he was “performing” his “music.” That’s what happened in Seattle last weekend where he kicked off his Yeezus tour to shock and awe the world by performing with some dude dressed up as Jesus.

MTV news reports that after getting done with most of his set, a familiar Nazarene figure emerged, causing Kanye to proclaim:

“White Jesus, is that you? Oh, shit!”

He was probably shocked because he’s a trained anthropologist and can tell you that no white person emerged out of bronze age Palestine. Let alone ones holding microphones.

Other times during the set a choir of ladies dressed in robes with strange sacks over their faces came out and did something akin to Gregorian chants, and they closed by bowing to Jesus, who stood on top of a large mountain.

So, essentially, Kanye’s treading on territory Madonna covered nearly 25 years ago but being even more preachy about it.

Slow down, Ye. You could cut yourself on all that edginess.