Kanye Went on Kimmel Last Night, But Forgot to Wipe His Mouth First

Someone is SO fired for this
Someone is SO fired for this

A couple weeks ago, Jimmy Kimmel made fun of Kanye West, and because the words “self-deprecating” and “Kanye West” are like the opposite poles of a magnet, Kanye lost his shit on Twitter and called Kimmel everything but a white woman.

Fast forward to last night, when Kanye was a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and Kimmel acted like a kid who was scared of the schoolyard bully taking his lunch money and Kanye said exactly what you’d imagine he’d say (KANYE GREAT, KANYE POWERFUL, KANYE SMASH). But he did it with a very noticeable piece of … well, something in the left corner of his mouth. Which made it really hard to pay attention to his words, but as it turns out, maybe that was his gift to us all. (Thank you, Baby Yeezus.)

Rich at Gawker summarized the last part of the sit-down thusly:

And then, toward the end of the interview (what interview?), Kanye unleashed [a rant that] went virtually uninterrupted for over eight minutes. His free verse freestyle included contemplation of his acceptance in the fashion world, an alternate pronunciation of his name (“Kanyé”), a reference to The Truman Show, a discussion of Michael Jackson having to fight to get on MTV, the question “Who do you know who’s known more for clothes than me?”, fashion-world name-dropping, the statement “I’m not into all that snobbery,” occasional usage of the royal we, and a justification of him comparing himself to Steve Jobs, Leonardo da Vinci, and Jesus Christ, as well as musings on classism, Paula Deen, getting spoofed, making awesome stuff, self-esteem, $4,000 phones, and paparazzi. To that crop: “It’s not safe for you in this zoo. Don’t ever think that I’m not from Chicago.”

Cool story, bro.

If you have some time to kill, here are all six parts of the “interview.” The rambly section referenced above spans parts 5 and 6. (If nothing else, watch the first part of the 4th vid to see a replay of the brilliant Josh Groban mocking older Kanye tweets.)







[Annotated screengrab via Gawker]