Kaley Cuoco Is Engaged to Her Boyfriend of Three Months. That’ll End Well.

The faces of true (and kind of instant) love.
The faces of true (and instant) love

Just a few months ago, Kaley Cuoco — better known as Penny from “The Big Bang Theory” — was having a very public relationship with Henry Cavill, Superman in this year’s “Man of Steel.” Then they broke up because the PR people who orchestrated the pairing had a slapfight or something and called the whole thing off.

Now, barely a minute later, Us Weekly confirms she’s engaged to tennis “star” Ryan Sweeting. (“Star” in quotes because I follow tennis and who? He’s currently ranked 525th in the world. That’s really more of a tennis “player,” Us Weekly. Pump the brakes.)

Anyway, Ryan put a ring on it yesterday, with an insider saying, “It’s only been three months but she knows Ryan is the one … [She’s] never felt this way. She knows this is it. And the ring is gorgeous!”

Since then, Kaley’s tweeted out “Flying high, I could literally touch the sky with you,” and she’s Instagrammed a photo of two penguins together with the caption, “I love u @ryansweething.”

Seems totally solid. (Confidential to Kaley: Prenups are your friend.)