If Jimmy Kimmel Winds Up Dead, Here’s Your Prime Suspect


Because there’s little more delightful than two famous rich guys having a public slapfight, we present to you “Kanye vs. Kimmel: The Reckoning.”

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel spoofed a BBC interview Kanye West did by having a child spout off the ridiculous things he said. It took West a day or so to see the video, but when he did, he fired up Twitter, hit his caps-lock key, and got busy. Super busy. Nuclear busy. YEEZUS CHRIST CALM DOWN ALREADY busy.

The rant that followed (since deleted) was so over-the-top and profane and utterly comical that it’s no wonder a lot of people thought the whole thing had to be a joke. But in the video above from Thursday night, you’ll see Kimmel saying the beef is legit.

It’s so nice when fatherhood shows a man what really matters, isn’t it?