Jennifer Lawrence Beats Miley Cyrus for AP Entertainer of the Year — By One Vote

Even David Letterman wants to pet her
Even David Letterman wants to pet her

Human kitten calendar Jennifer Lawrence just gave us all one more reason to love her — she bested pop culture rerun Miley Cyrus by one vote to become the Associated Press Entertainer of the Year, thus sparing us the endlessly self-congratulatory string of tweets with which Cyrus would’ve otherwise honored herself.

The AP asked 70 US editors and news directors to choose the person or entity that had the “most influence” on entertainment and culture in 2013, and once the ballots were tallied, JLaw’s 15 votes gave her first place, Cyrus was the runner-up with 14 votes, and Netflix took third with 13 votes (for “altering the TV landscape with its on-demand format and hit original series”).

Lawrence — who started the year with an Academy Award for best actress, fueled a box-office franchise as “The Hunger Games” heroine Katniss Everdeen, and wrapped 2013 with a critically acclaimed performance in “American Hustle” that just earned Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations — charmed fans everywhere with her candid sincerity.

She was also a fashion darling — a muse for Dior — who made headlines with her pixie haircut.

Kristi Runyan of The Derrick and The News-Herald Newspapers in Oil City, Pa. wrote, “It’s refreshing to see a young woman not squandering her talent and success by succumbing to the temptations many do in Hollywood and who actively speaks about the ridiculous behavior of some of her peers.”

And speaking of such, Miley’s counting down the days until her new video comes out and retweeting fans like this who hope to artificially inflate the viewer numbers to give her a new record. Because playing fair is for loooozers.