Jenna Jameson’s ‘Good Day New York’ Appearance Could Have Gone Better

Jenna Jameson has been going through a pretty tough time lately. It appears that juggling a vicious divorce and claims of physical abuse, being barred from seeing her children and trying to pedal a new book is kind of taking its toll. And when she appeared on FOX’s “Good Day New York” to promote said book, she wasn’t quite on her A-game.

Jen slurred her way through the interview, which quickly turned into a Q&A about how she got into the adult film industry and how she felt about it – even though she already wrote a separate bestselling book about that – because anchor Greg Kelly is a dolt.

The book is another sexual discovery novel, which everyone’s jumped on board with after the success of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Literally. She isn’t even the first porn star to toss her hat into the ring. It’s standard stuff.

But this Jenna wasn’t anything like that feisty, articulate Jenna who kicked Bill O’reilly‘s ass on air years ago. It looks like she spent her flight from LA continually hugging the stewardess’ vodka trolley, popped a Xanax and then sauntered into the studio.

Jen’s struggled with substance abuse in the past, but it’s also worth noting that she appeared on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” two days ago and was chipper and responsive and accounts say she was prompt and courteous at that Barnes and Noble book signing she plugged.

Even though both she and Tito Ortiz have their problems, a one-off like this isn’t enough to sway us off our previous statements¬†on the matter. Hopefully she gets well soon, and hopefully these “Fifty Shades” knockoffs will die and burn in hell for all eternity.