Jenna Jameson Appeals to Twitter in Custody Battle


Back in April, Jenna Jameson lost custody of her 4-year-old twins after a brutal custody battle with her ex, Tito Ortiz. Now she’s taking to her Twitter account, accusing Tito of not letting her see or speak to the boys. That’s not cool.

It began when she sent out these tweets:

She then started posting some nice photos of her and the children she’s seeking to gain visiting rights to:

As people began asking questions and commenting, Jenna kept up with most of them, sending a barrage of pithy replies about her situation, including accusations of Tito’s drug usage.

She said Tito has been taking shots at her from his Twitter for a long time, and she finally had enough. Then, almost to prove her point, Tito posted the following text messages, allegedly from her, saying: “If I was the man she says I was u think these texts sound like I beat her?”




Well, there is such a thing as battered spouse syndrome. Tito wasn’t really doing himself any favors with this. He knew it, too, because he deleted the tweets shortly after. But Jenna had already gotten wind:

Meanwhile, both supporting and harsh tweets were pouring in. This guy’s was downright mean:

Did he choke her out in February? Well, Tito does have a history of violence – like attacking Jenna in 2010. He’s 206 pounds, by the way. Jenna isn’t even close.

And even though Jen’s had some rough patches of her own, we see no reason for her to be barred from seeing her children. That’s the worst thing a mother could go through.

So, after carefully weighing the evidence, we’re going to side with Jenna on this one.