Jenna Jameson Will Now Show You Her Boobs Again


In 2008, back when Jenna Jameson still looked like Jenna Jameson, she officially retired from porn and swore to never return to the industry. In 2013, a few arrests and a destructive relationship later, she’s back. Kinda.

Jen’s had a higher profile recently. She inked a three-book deal and went around promoting the first entry in a complete stupor. She’s also done a shit ton of interviews, including appearing on Oprah’s “Where Are They Now?” to reaffirm that she’d never go back to porn.

Despite a promise to her children to “never, ever, ever go back,” Jameson has been webcamming for regular schlubs like you and me and probably your father (sorry).

When asked by TMZ about why she’s come back, she said:

“My motivation is taking care of my family, and having fun, and meeting all my fans.”

“Family” can be an excuse for anything. Maybe Jenna’s been taking lessons from Walter White.

ClubJenna, her company, was at one time a towering porn empire. But now that we’re in the future, people have realized they don’t have to pay for pornography. Plus, since Jenna’s retired, there’s no longer the niche advantage of having her exclusively. And everybody’s gotta eat.

Is this hypocritical? It’s sort of a grey area. Because there’s certainly a difference between a 3-way with two Brazilian dudes and sitting in front of a laptop in your living room. It may be semantics, but your definition of pornography will probably make that determination.

Meanwhile, if you’re keeping track, Traci Lords received glowing reviews for her performance in last year’s horror-dramedy “Excision” without having to web cam for strangers.