James Woods Wants You to Feel Bad About His Imaginary Blacklisting


James Woods is a fine actor who’s been called one of the nicest guys in the industry. He’s also a conservative. So, naturally, he’s dedicated to completely filling his Twitter timeline with boring political garbage that nobody cares about instead of telling behind-the-scenes stories from the set of “Casino.”

And when a knowledgeable tweeter (probably a grammar instructor) asked if he was afraid of being ostracized by Hollywood, the exchange went like this:

Jimmy’s entitled to his opinion. Whatever. But to say he doesn’t expect to ever work again is just overly theatrical bullshit (even for an actor).

We’d like to point out that James is currently on Showtime’s “Ray Donovan” – a show that also stars Jon Voight. That’s two famous conservatives on a hit television show. Patricia Heaton and Bruce Willis seem to be getting steady work, too.

To top it all off, he also posted a quote about big government from Henry Ford who was, coincidentally, a vehement anti-semite. Way to not play into conservative stereotypes, Woodsey.

Let’s stick to reading lines other people wrote for you.