Some Idiot Is Probably Going to Buy Amanda Bynes’ $10,000 Grill


A few months ago, when Amanda Bynes was unleashed in New York city tossing bongs and terrorizing yoga classes, she commissioned celebrity jewelry guru Ben Baller to create her some grills to keep up with the kids’ hot fashion trends. He posted the molds for said grills on Instagram.

Above is the finished product, and since Manders is slightly detained trying to evade Nurse Ratched, he might be auctioning them off for charity.

Ben writes:

Ever wondered what Amanda Bynes grills came out to look like? Here you go… Natural pink diamonds set on 14k rose gold (before one of you smart ass asks why it isn’t 18k gold, it’s because 18k is way too soft to be in the mouth piece). Tried for months to deliver this to her but doubt it will happen. Should I auction these off to charity? Thoughts?

Most mental health facilities probably frown upon delivering things to patients that can chomp down on the necks of orderlies with deadly, sparkly precision.

But, hey, how great would it be to pass these down to your grandchildren and tell them you spent $10,000 for something modeled after Sydney White’s mouth?

It can be a cherished family heirloom. Like Paul Reubens‘ snuggie ($15,000) or Mickey Rourke‘s sterling silver dental floss (priceless).