Congrats, Grumpy Cat. Now Don’t Screw It Up.

@RealGrumpyCat, Twitter
@RealGrumpyCat, Twitter

Grumpy Cat, ourĀ favorite feline who remains not at all entertained, has just reached the pinnacle achievement of stardom. No, she didn’t show up in a skeevy, badly-lit sex tape — the adorably frowny faced ball of fur (whose real name is Tardar Sauce) got an endorsement deal with Friskies.

But we feel the need to warn her: Endorsements can be tricky. Even if you have nine lives, a single wrong step can cost your one chance at the big bucks. Here are just a few ways Grumpy Cat could screw up her new Friskies payday if she doesn’t check herself.

She could get caught eating a competitor’s product.

Grumpy Cat forsakes Friskies and eats Fancy Feast
Real Grumpy Cat, Tumblr

She could have a meltdown, develop a split personality and think she’s a dog.

Grumpy Cat loses it and turns into a dog.
Grumpy Cat, Facebook

She could have Kanye’s baby.

Grumpy Kat Kardashian
Real Grumpy Cat, Tumblr / @robinwilliams, Twitter

She could admit to making racist comments.

Grumpy Cat is against races.
Grumpy Cat, Facebook

Or — worst of all — she could perform an embarrassingly lewd dance on TV.

Grumpy Cat beats Miley at inappropriate.
Grumpy Cat, Facebook/mistercap, Instagram