Now You Can Own a Rubber Facsimile of Farrah Abraham’s Lady-Bits [NSFW VIDEO]

“I think I’m taking sex symbol to a whole new level today,” Farrah Abraham — former “Teen Mom,” current porn star, eternal famewhore — announces at the beginning of the video above, and it’s adorable she thinks she’s a sex symbol.

But yo, someone must think so, because “adult novelty manufacturer” (that’s fancy talk for “sex toy company”) Topco Sales is making synthetic copies of her ass and vaj and putting them on the market.

We didn’t even know anyone wanted to sex up her real parts without getting paid for it. On the upside, though, this means her boobs will no longer be her most blatantly plastic parts (just the ones that are always attached).

She goes full-on plaster-caster here, and the video we get of a spread-eagled Farrah with her crotch covered in some sort of molding plastic (and then of her later proudly displaying the resulting impressions) will someday almost certainly make her daughter the toast of every fraternity in college.

You’re welcome, little Sophia. Mommy loves you!