Evander Holyfield Thinks People With the Gay Have a ‘Handicap’ That Doctors Can Fix


The premise behind the “Big Brother” franchise is that if a bunch of strangers live together in the same house, the ensuing antics will be entertaining to a television audience. That worked for a while, but eventually everyone got bored with the concept — so the “BB” producers had to make the aforementioned strangers dumber and/or douchier in the hopes they’d say or do some controversial shit to gin up ratings.

To wit: Last year, the American version of the show brought us the delights of Aaryn, a girl so cluelessly racist she earned the nickname Aryan Nation, and a guy named Spencer who thought it would be totes hilars to joke about beating off to kiddie porn because HAHAHAHA no. No, dude. Never funny.

Anyway, the current incarnation of “Celebrity Big Brother” in the UK features former boxing champ Evander Holyfield (the non-sports-minded among you probably remember him best as that guy missing part of an ear courtesy of Mike Tyson‘s barracuda teeth). And on the season debut Sunday night, Holyfield was talking with fellow housemate Luisa Zissman when the subject of homosexuality came up — which led to this little slice of verbal backassedness:

Evander: The Bible let you know that it’s wrong and (mumbles mumbles).

Luisa: That’s just the way some people are born.

Evander: Nooooo. It don’t make no difference. If you were born and your leg were turned this way. What do you do? You go to the doctor and get it fixed right, right?

Luisa: It’s not about being fixed. That’s just the way that you are.

Evander: No, no, no… You mean to tell me-

Luisa: I really don’t think we should have this conversation. You don’t understand. I don’t think this is an appropriate conversation to have in this house.

Evander: The only thing I’m trying to tell you is if… You know how handicapped people are born, that you can’t say that because they were born that way, you can’t move that (mumbles something mumbles something)…

Luisa: You can’t compare. It’s not a choice.

Evander: Yes, it is a choice. Come on. You ain’t gay unless you sleeping with the opposite sex (Ed. note: Yeah, he obviously meant “same sex.”). That’s no way anybody is made.

Cool story, bro.

His remarks earned a smackdown from the “CBB” production team because the network that airs the show could now be in trouble with the UK’s equivalent of the FCC for airing “hate speech.”

But even worse than that? Boy George wagged a (meticulously manicured) finger at him on Twitter.

Look, Evander’s never really been known for being a dick before, but dude. He’s been married three times (!) and has 11 children (!!) by six different women (!!!). This really isn’t a guy who should be passing judgment on anyone for sins of the flesh.

That said, unlike a lot of other people who’ve voiced similar opinions about the gays lately, at least he has the excuse of a past filled with repeated blows to the head.